Monday, March 31, 2014

Slice of Life Day Thirty-One: Tempe Festival of the Arts

This is my last entry in the Slice of Life challenge.  I made it.  I wrote every day. So glad I did this. I now realize how much I love writing and need to write.  I am now following some amazing writers and even though they won't write every day, I will still follow them when they do write!  Thanks to everyone who put this challenge together!  I will start doing the Tuesday Slices of Life now!

When we planned our vacation, all we knew was that we wanted to spend time in the sun. We were ready for some warm weather wearing shorts and t-shirts and spending time at the pool!  So, when we got here and realized it was the weekend for the big Festival of the Arts on Mill Street, we were thrilled!
This morning early, we took our daily walk around the campus of ASU and then headed for Mill Street. There were the tents all set up and just waiting for us. We took a stroll around the closed tents and planned to come back later when they opened up at 10:00..
We came back later and spent a few hours walking through the streets. There were more than 350 fine artists and craft persons. Only original art was permitted and each of the artists are at their booth. We ate at the Food Court and listened to Porangui as he played Brazilian music. We watched the Circus School of Arizona performers at the Cameo Circle.  We stood and watched Chalk-A-Lot as the artists create original street art on 4th Street.  It was a beautiful day to take in the extraordinary festival.

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  1. Thank you for your month long stories, it was fun. I love the art festival as well. Don't you just love surprises??