Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Slice of Life Day Nineteen: Adult Book Club

Last night was one of my favorite times of the month. It was the night we have our monthly book club meeting. We always meet at the same restaurant and after catching up on the latest gossip, eating our favorite food, we then get down to discussing our book. Since we meet at the same restaurant every month, the manager knows all of us. He greets us and sends us back to the same booth every time. This time he even had a note on the booth letting everyone know our book club meets there.

The book we read this month was by our favorite author and friend. She lives in our town and we not only read her latest book this month, we also invited her to join us for our book club. She agreed to come and share her research and other stories with us. The book is a nonfiction about an Indiana author: Gene Stratton-Porter.  The book is Nature's Storyteller.

Our author friend is Barb Morrow and we were entertained for about an hour with all of her stories. She gave us insight into how she did much of her research. She told us stories about how the local newspapers' gossip columns gave her evidence of things she needed to prove. She told us inside stories that were not included in her book. We were spellbound as we listened to the stories.

We are so fortunate to have this awesome writer live in our town. Even more than that we are so thankful that she took the time out of her busy life to spend several hours with us. We are already planning on reading her next book as soon as it is out and inviting her back to join us for another fascinating book talk.  Thank you so much, Barb!


  1. Isn't book club so energizing and rejuvenating? It seems non-readers don't or can't understand, but that is time we all cherish each month.

  2. I ran a book club about kid lit for teachers last year. It brought those of us in together in such a great way. There is just something special about a book club.

  3. You are describing a fabulous experience. Meeting, eating, and talking about books is great, and to add an author visit to all of this - lucky you. I have never participated in adult book club, only in Literature Circles with kids.