Sunday, March 2, 2014

Slice of Life Day Three: Okay, I'm Done!

Sunday was another one of those days like so many this winter. It was full of delays, cancellations and shoveling driveways. This morning, I spent two hours shoveling. It was about three inches of snow, but not heavy.

After lunch, my husband and I decided to take our golden retriever for a two mile walk in the neighborhood. It was sunny and the snow sparkled in the bright light. We were bundled up with coats, hats and boots. The road had recently been plowed, but was still snow covered.

We were about halfway through the walk when it happened. The dog was running between snow mounds like a young pup. We were in a cul-de-sac that had a huge snow mountain in the middle where the city had been shoveling the excess snow. We walked around it carefully since it wasn't very smooth there.

Darrell, my husband, was laughing at the dog. I was carefully picking my steps as I walked the rough road. All of a sudden, I hit a hidden icy spot. Both legs flew out from under me. All I knew was I was falling---fast!  I landed flat on my back with my head banging the concrete last.

Darrell heard me call out and turned to see me on the ground.  "Are you ok?" he asked.

"No!" I answered.  After slowly getting up and slowly walking home, I took two Alieve and parked on the couch. I'm very sore from pulled muscles, but otherwise, I'm fine.

Have I mentioned that I'm ready for spring?


  1. Wow, glad you are doing better. I too am ready for the ice and snow to be done.

  2. I hate that moment after a scary fall and hitting your head and you are just making sure you're alive. Glad you are okay. Nicely written slice for someone with a bump on her head.

  3. You slowly led us up to knowing something happened! This would be a fun post to play around wirh the lead and try starting it at different moments, like right in the action or immediately following... Interesting how these events are seen differently during the slice... Something to write about!

  4. Sorry hear of your fall after a delightful walk, but so glad that you didn't injure yourself. I think we're all ready for spring.