Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slice of Life Day Six: Nature's Storyteller

I just finished our book club choice for this month. I loved it for several reasons:
  1. The author is a personal friend and will be joining us for our book talk next week.
  2. The book: Nature's Storyteller, is about Gene Stratton-Porter.
  3. The book made me more aware of nature!
Because I just finished the book, when I looked out my front window and saw the bird huddled up against the cold wind, I had to grab my camera.  Just like Mrs. Porter, I wanted to capture the moment.  I wanted to have a close up glimpse of this little slice of life!

Thanks, Mrs. Porter. Thanks, Barb Morrow for opening our eyes to this storyteller!



  1. You captured some awesome pics. I would love to get this book too...your pictures gave me wonderful hope for my next journey...retirement also! And, I wish I could eat anything that I want. xo

  2. Hey all. Just a note about Gene Stratton Porter. I do a first person narrative on her available through Arts for Learning! Perfect for fourth grade standards!

  3. Kentucky's birds have been huddled up this week too! Impatiently chirping at the back door until I fill the feeders.