Saturday, March 1, 2014

Slice of Life Day Two: More Snow? Oh, NO!

Yes, it is the second day of March! Yes, Spring is right around the corner! Yes, the temperature is supposed to be in the forty's right now. However, it is NOT happening.

The weathermen are at it again. Lots of predictions.  Here we go again! It is all supposed to start at 10:00 tonight and last all through tomorrow and end the next morning. Doesn't sound good. To top it off, the temperatures are supposed to be back in the below zero range.  Have I mentioned that I am sick of winter?

Tonight we took our golden retriever for a two-mile walk in the neighborhood. We walked on paved roads not covered with snow. He could bound over the snow in the yards with out sinking up to his chest. We could actually walk without having to trudge around parked cars stuck in snow because they were not moved before the blizzard came. That was tonight. It will be much different in the morning.

It really will get warmer. It really will stop snowing. It really will be spring. Until then, I have the snow shovel all ready!


  1. That photo looks like the sidewalks won't be visible for at least a month or longer. Stay warm!

  2. I do keep thinking, Spring is coming, right? Tell me Spring is coming! Instead, we get word that more snow is coming. No. Spring, not snow.

  3. ahhh....
    your post could be my story this evening as the snow that probably just hit you is moving toward us on the East Coast.
    It's definitely been a winter to both remember and forget. I'll forget the snow and all the snow days we have to make up and remember the good stuff!

  4. I also long for spring! We are at 15 below and snow, snow, snow - hang in there!

  5. Oh my...I think we can all relate. Our yard has not shown grass since January...or before...I have lost all sense of time. I bet your golden enjoys the snow more than you though....our neighbor's dog has a great time playing in the snow. But...there is a spring...somewhere...sometime...and I hope we all will enjoy it more than usual. Jackie