Monday, March 24, 2014

Slice of Life Day Twenty-four: Here's My List

In six days we will be flying out of Detroit heading for warmer weather!  We are excited about not having to deal with putting on two layers of clothes just to go out for a short walk.  It will be wonderful to see the sun every day! But, all this comes with the task of getting ready to travel. So, we have been making lists to be sure we don't forget something.

  1. Get a dog-sitter for DaveWe contacted Molly, our favorite sitter, a long time ago. She is anxious to move into our house and play with Dave!
  2. Check on summer clothes to see if they still fit. We did that on Friday evening so we could shop on Saturday for things we needed.
  3. Bring the suitcases down from the attic.  It has been awhile since we have traveled this year, but they are now ready to go sitting in the extra bedroom.
  4. Be sure I have a couple books to read since the flight out is four hours long.  I have my paperback and kindle all ready.
  5. Get my hair cut.  That will be done tomorrow afternoon.
  6. Check out the plans for each day.  We mostly want to spend time in the sun, but are planning one day to travel to the Grand Canyon.
  7. Bake cookies to have ready for Molly. Since she is an exceptional sitter, we do whatever we can to be sure she always comes back!
  8. Buy snacks and treats for the trip. We like to have something special in our room for when we get home each evening. Yes, they will be healthy.
  9. Pack new running shoes.  For the first time for many months we will be able to get some warm weather runs in our schedule. Can't wait!
  10. Pack my laptop and camera for great blogs! Hope to share our adventures with my friends, both old and new!


  1. I love making lists too- especially if it getting ready for fun! Hope your vacation is full of sunny, warm days

  2. Love this list. Two weeks until my spring break. Time to start thinking about my list, headed for southern CA and sister time. Have a fabulous time in your sunny weather!

  3. I always think that the best part of making the list is crossing items out as I accomplish each. I hope you get everything crossed off and have a great time in the warmer weather!! Thanks for showing me too that a list is also a writing form I can use as a first time blogger! :)

  4. Not flying out of the big D for me this year, but hoping for lots of sunshine in two weeks! I should probably make a list of fun things to do during that week of. I look forward reading about your break and seeing those wonderful pictures!