Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slice of Life Day Nine: Let's Hear it for Neighbors

Tonight we decided we needed to get out of the house and go to a local restaurant for supper.  Getting stuck inside due to snowy-icy weather again was just too much today. We bundled up and headed for one of our favorite places: Mad Anthony Tap Room.  We got settled in and ordered. As we were waiting for our meal, we noticed our neighbors from across the street enter. They were seated at the table behind us.  We greeted them and they told us another couple next door to them was joining them. We love these neighbors.

These are people who help you out no matter what the problem. They helped us with our new backyard patio this summer. This winter we were always shoveling out each other's drives. They are just fun people.

The story here is about the conversation we had as we were leaving the restaurant. For several weeks now with the temperatures going up and down, there was a case of bottled water in the neighbor's drive across the street. We watched day after day as they would come and go and never touch that case of obviously frozen water.

Tonight I just had to ask: "What's with the water in your drive?" They started to laugh. Finally Greg told us the story. It just happened that his wife had brought home the water but forgot to bring it in and left it in the car. That was the first night. After awhile, she realized the water would not be good because it had been frozen and thawed in the plastic bottles too many times. So, she moved the case to the driveway.

Greg would drive by the case of water and think: "I should bring that water inside." But he would have his hands full and after getting inside, he'd forget it.  So, there sat the water day after day; week after week. Now the water has been moved behind the recycling bin waiting to be drained and thrown away.

At least it is not in the driveway any more!

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  1. You are 2 amazing People. God absolutely knew what he was doing when he blessed the Puglise family with neighbors like you. I love and treasure you. Awesome blog post. Great story that we will remember for a long time. Probably will still be laughing about it too.