Saturday, March 15, 2014

Slice of LIfe Day Fifteen: It is March, After All!

It is the middle of March and the weather is doing just what it always does when it is March in Indiana. There are piles of snow everywhere, but they are getting smaller. The sun is shining, but the winds are gusting up to 35-40 mph. It seems like at 54 degrees you could take a walk without your heavy coat. But, no, it is Indiana and that means it is still cold.

I have been longing for days warm enough to go out for a run.  I dream of dry roads without spots of ice hiding under snow. I can plan on runs that allow me to wear running shoes and not heavy boots when I take to the road.

Today it came a little bit closer. The doorbell rang and I opened the door to find no one there. However, there beside the door was a large package. I grabbed it and brought it inside.  I didn't open it though. I wanted to wait for my husband to come home to share in the experience.

When he saw the package, he grabbed it and put it on the kitchen counter.  He got out the scissors and cut the package open. He hurried to open one of the two boxes. We couldn't wait to see what was inside.

There they were. Better than we could have hoped for. Perfect colors. Since they were closing this line of shoe, I was able to order two pair. Now, I just need to have the weather clear up so I can start training in style! 

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  1. I can sense your excitement with the warming weather. Living in Ohio is very similar to Indiana...and living by Lake Erie makes it even more interesting. I lived my first 13 years in Indiana and have fond memories. I hope the weather continues to get better for you so that you can test those new shoes!...they are mighty colorful...too bad they are not making that style anymore...but maybe the next will be just as good or better. It was nice that you waited for your husband before you opened the package...I am not sure I could have done that. :-)