Monday, March 17, 2014

Slice of Life Day Seventeen: March Madness

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I have lived in Indiana most of my life--except for four years in Ohio and one year in Michigan. I blame that fact for the reason I am a lover of March Madness. Yes, I do realize there are NO teams in the NCAA tourney from Indiana. That doesn't stop me.

All last week I have been watching the stats. I have been listening to sports shows and their opinions. I even downloaded the March Madness app for my iPad. I watched the count down for the big show giving the brackets.

At 6:00, we had the channel turned to CBS. We listened to see who the top seeds were. We watched to see how many Big10 teams made it in. We were surprised at some and disappointed by a few.

When it was all over, I studied the teams and made my picks. I know there is no way to really have insight into what will happen. I also know my heart goes before my brain. But, its so much fun selecting teams.

As I picked my top four teams, I had to admit I am a dreamer. But, hey, you never know!

My four top teams?
  • Florida
  • Michigan State
  • Wisconsin
  • Michigan
What do you think?

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