Monday, March 10, 2014

Slice of LIfe Day Ten: It's Just a Game, or Is It?


Many years ago my son, Todd, would go to his grandma's house and they would play dominoes. Every time, no matter how old he got, they played dominoes. It was their thing to do. It was their special game. She loved to spend time with him and playing dominoes gave her the chance to talk to him and get a glimpse of his life.

Now, Grandma is gone and Todd has a little boy of his own. So, I thought it was only right for Graham to have a set of dominoes to play with his grandma...ME!  For Valentine's Day this year, I got him a set of dominoes. It was the kind that has colored dots. Graham is three years old. Supposedly, he is too young to really play dominoes. But I knew he loves, loves, loves numbers and this might just be something he would like.
I was right. He is a master of the game and can't get enough of it. Today I stopped by to play some dominoes with my grandson, just like my son did with his grandma. Graham thinks he should win EVERY time. Once in a while I would win. He would look at me with a pouty lower lip, glare at me and say, "Let's play again!"  And off we'd go with another game. We played and played!  Now I see why my mom loved playing with her grandson.  This is a very special Slice of Life!

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  1. Love it! And a great idea to copy. I did introduce the Sophia and Ethan (both 4) to checkers last time they were both here and they loved that!