Thursday, March 27, 2014

Slice of Life Day Twenty-Seven: Reliving A Slice of Life

As we are coming  to an end of the challenge to write every day in March, I am beginning to look for small slices of life everywhere I go. As I was meeting a friend I worked with before retiring, I realized this too, was a slice of life I wanted to remember.
Calhoun St. Soups, Salads & Spirits
While working in the city, I often had the chance to have lunch with colleagues. We ate at a place near our office where we could slip in and have the same thing week after week. We liked that because we never had to really think about what to have that day. It usually was the same thing...and the waitress knew it.  She knew I liked diet soda. She knew my friend wanted mayo on the side. She knew we liked bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwiches with  no chips. It was just something easy in our busy, crazy work lives.

When I walked in the restaurant yesterday for lunch, it was completely full. I stood by the door and felt so at home. This was a place I knew...really knew. It wasn't long before a booth opened up and I was seated while waiting for my friend. The waitress came up with a smile and warm welcome.  "Do you still want a diet?" she asked. I couldn't believe it. Two years later and she remembered!  As I sat and waited, I looked around at the full tables with people chatting and catching up. I could tell some of them were there for a business lunch and were in serious conversations. Others were there laughing about something that had recently happened to them.

 After my friend got there, we ordered.  Of course I got the bacon, lettuce, tomato on whole wheat. Yes, with no chips.  Then the waitress said, "Do you want the mayo on the side?"  I laughed and said, "No, that was Mary!"  She laughed as she walked away to put in our order.

It is always good to revisit our slices of life! 


  1. I love it when you go to places and the waitstaff know you and your order. You feel like you're at home and comfortable. Glad you got to catch up with a friend and be back in a comfortable place!

  2. Good memories! Remember when Judi first suggested we go there and we were just about the only customers? I like to think we all had something to do with their success.