Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Slice of Life Day Twenty-five: It's a Walmart World

 Today I had a list of things to get at Wal-Mart.  I was focused. I had a mission: get things on the list and any other thing that I thought I would need before our trip.  I drove into the parking lot, checked my list, grabbed my purse and I was off!  I was walking up the parking lot with a car beside me with an older woman driving and looking for a parking spot. When I looked ahead of me, there was another woman pushing an empty card coming my way. She turned and pushed her cart to where a couple other carts were...in the handicap area, not a spot for carts, but not in the parking spot either. Probably, some handicap person had left the others there because they couldn't get their cart to the proper area. Still, this lady just pushed it over into the near area and walked away.
Before I knew what was happening, the cart began to roll backward into the lane the moving car was in. The cart was slowly coming to a stop right in front of the car in her lane.  I immediately took off running to catch the cart so the lady could drive on.  I put the cart inside one of the carts already there, so it wouldn't roll off again. The lady in the car simply parked her car and walked in the store with me a few feet behind her.
After I gathered everything on my list-- plus a few extras-- I went to the checkout lane.  I swiped my credit card and proceeded to load the bags into my cart. As I took a full bag off, I would immediately open the one left behind.  I did this so it would help the cashier.  I finished loading, paying and headed for the parking lot and my car.
I had parked next to one of the areas designated for carts.  However, when I got there I noticed that the lane nearest my car had the carts spread out, not inside each other to make room for more.  So, after unloading my bags into the trunk, I pushed each individual cart into the one in front of it.  A nice, neat line. Then I pushed my cart in, too. 

I know this is all so OCD.  I just want things to be "right".  Probably, no one cares but me.  I did leave the parking lot feeling pretty darn good about myself!  Doesn't take much to make me happy!


  1. You should be very proud of this trip to Walmart :)

  2. This is funny as if you categorize your good deed as just part of your OCD? Come on, the straighter the line, the less dented all our cars are. Thank you for your OCD... Just stopping by from SOL. I love your blog! It's exhilarating seeing retirement done in action! I have a friend who is putting it off because she's not made to garden and sit. I HAVE to share this with her!

  3. Oh, your photos along the side are awesome. It really draws in the good vibes you're sending out. :)

  4. What a good deed you did with the carts at the beginning and ending of your Walmart trip. Sometimes I just wonder what people are thinking (or not thinking) when they leave carts all over helter-skelter.

  5. My daughter is the same way. Anytime she pushes the cart back into the corral, she has to make sure all the rest are lined up and pushed to the back. She even straightens up the gum and candy on the racks while we wait in line.

  6. I am glad I am not the only one to try to get the carts in order...not so much that they look bad, but they create problems for parking. I would love to have you in front of me in line as I try to do the same thing...pack the bags in the cart quickly...pay quickly...etc. Nothing like getting behind someone who waits to find the total amount...and then begin writing a check. I do my best to just smile and breathe. Sounds like you are having no problems finding things to do in retirement. Isn't it great!