Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Slice of LIfe Day Eleven: Cousins

Today I had a visitor. It was 3:00 and I had finished most of my chores, including a walk in the sunshine with Dave.  The doorbell rang and I looked up from the couch. Was it the postman leaving a package? No, too late for that. I could see a figure on the porch.
Dale, Me, and Tony (another cousin)

It was my cousin, Dale. We only live a few miles from each other but don't see each other that often. He stopped by just to chat. We caught up on his recent family trip to Disney World and the latest on Aunt Reita.

Dale and I used to spend many summers together at Grandma's house. We would play tricks on her or go on errands for her. We would listen to her stories. We have many memories at her Oak Street home. She would hate for us to go to the park right behind her house. The reason: we would come home covered in dirt! She would make taffy and let us pull it all afternoon.

I'm so glad Dale and I can still spend time together. We can still share family stories. We are still good friends. Another wonderful Slice of Life!
Aunt Reita and Dale



  1. I have 2 cousins that my sister and I consider sisters! We are all inseparable and plan to grow old together! Glad you had a wonderful afternoon to share memories with your cousin!

  2. As I live a few thousand miles away from my cousins, I love when they or their children come for a visit! So glad you have these special people in your life!

  3. I would enjoy hearing more about those tricks you've mentioned!