Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Slice of Life DayThirteen: Memories :

Tuesday was filled with wonderful experiences.  I spent the day with my sister and my aunt. Since my sister lives about two hours away, we only get together once a month. Tuesday  was our special day and we spent it with our aunt.  We had lunch and then traveled around the county and saw many things that brought back memories and inspired stories, long forgotten.
Welcome to Butler
1. Lunch: the story about how my aunt and uncle had eaten at that restaurant a long time    
    ago. Even though the name has changed she thought we were sitting in just the booth
    that they had used.
2. Sunoco Station: this was the first job my uncle had and he spent many hours at this old
    station. Again, the name was changed but it was still there.
3. Old school gym: the classrooms in front of the entrance were my first and second grade  
    classrooms. My sister found her old parking space in front of the gym.
4. Old lumber yard: Both my sister and I remembered stopping there on our way to school
    from the lunch room and buying candy!
5. Broadway Street: where my aunt had been hit by a car that carried her half a block.
6. Old library: where I had my kindergarten class in the basement and where my sister and
    I spent many summer afternoons reading.
7. Sarabelle's store: my sister and aunt thought it was on one block and I thought it was on
    another. We gave our arguments and never did settle it.

Memories for future stories in my collection of remembering!


  1. Growing up, we always teased my dad for pointing out all of his old haunts and we got to the place where we'd tell the stories before him. Now I dod that to my children. These are the memories that bring us together. Tell away!

  2. This is a great idea. I know there are times when I think of a great idea and then promptly forget it if I don't write it down. I think I will make a list like this, too!

  3. This makes me think of Donald Crews' BIG MAMA'S.