Thursday, March 20, 2014

Slice of Life Day Twenty: What Are You Reading?

"What are you reading?" my husband asked me the other night. I proceeded to tell him about the book I had in my hand as I made my way back to the bedroom to read.  I explained that book and then trailed off onto the other two books I was also reading.  I think I lost him after the first one!
You see for fun, I read mystery fiction. I usually have a John Grisham, David Baldacci or Michael Connelly book by my bed. My husband reads those too, so it's fun to discuss the characters and the plot. It's fun to give opinions. It's fun to ask: "Where are you in the book now?" Sometimes I can't read those at night though. Sometimes they are a little too bloody or spooky for me at that time of day! Still, I enjoy reading them.
The other book I just started is on my kindle. I can take it anywhere with me. I can fall asleep reading it, because I never lose my place. I love the Janet Evanovich stories with Stephanie Plum because they are just fun! When her new series came out, I decided I wanted to try that, too. I have just started it, so I am not sure if I even like it or to get to at least page 100 for that!
The last book is our next month Book Club book.  I just ordered it and can't wait to start it. We talked about it at book club when making our book selection. We decided a nonfiction book like this might be interesting for us. I have to have this book as a paperback because I want to take it on the plane when we go on vacation. I also want to be able to mark it up so I can refer back to it during our discussion time!

Yes, I can read three books at once. After all, don't you watch more than just one program a night on television?


  1. Me, too. Right now I'm reading, finally, "Better Nate Than Ever" by Tim Federle and "The Interestings" by Meg Wolitzer. Sometimes I also have a nonfiction book on the go, too. I choose what I read depending upon the kind of mood I;m in.

  2. So do I. I have also stopped buying books. Not enough money or storage. Best of all, if I go to the public library, I don't feel obliged to finish a book I don't like. There are too many good books to read!

  3. I always have several books on the go - a fiction, a non-fiction, a YA and one from my to-be-read pole.
    have you read anything by "Louise Penny" - she writes mysteries, with Inspector Gamache - love her books.

  4. Thanks for sharing your reading list with us. I'm reading Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan--finally picking it up again after abandoning it awhile back. I've also put The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt on my list. It's been highly recommended.