Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Slice of Life Day 10: Beaches of Kaua'i

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The beaches on all three of the islands we visited were amazing. Oahu had Waikiki Beach. You can't get any better than that. Kauai had Poipu Beach just past our resort. Maui had Kapalua Bay where we snorkeled.  Today I will be talking about the beach on Kauai at our resort. It was very close to the Poipu Beach, but more private.
The waves here were awesome!  They would rush up onto the shore making the loudest crashing sound. There were loads of surfers and boogie boards trying to catch a wave. We saw many tourists getting lessons on how to surf. We spent hours just sitting and watching.
Actually, the most fun was when we got in the water and tried to ride the waves...no boogie board...no surf board.  Just us!  I would watch the wave come in and brace my feet and bend my knees. Then it hit and I would try to swim/ride it into shore. I got pretty good at it, too.  Then when I least expected it, a big one would come along while the undertow or another wave was heading back out to sea. When that happened I lost all control. I went flying with the wave. Just when I thought I was under control, the undertow would hit again. One time I was literally thrown to the shore and knocked around like a leaf blowing in the wind. Arms, legs, hands, body all seeming to go in different directions!  I finally got to my feet and headed right back out to do it again.
This island was the best for rest and relaxation. We would go to the beach house and get chairs (free) and settle in on the sandy beach with water and a book.  Yes, and sun screen (50%)  It certainly is a magical place. No wonder Hanalei is on this island...the magical place where Puff the Magic Dragon lived.  You have to be a certain age to remember that song.

Tomorrow I will be taking you to a few of our favorite restaurants on this island. A hui hou (until we meet again) and mahalo (thank you) for traveling with me.


  1. Oh my, this helped me escape the dark and dreary day I'm stuck in. ;-) Your photos look heavenly. Hawaii is on my bucket list! I'm looking forward to seeing beaches in a couple of weeks when I go to Aruba for spring break. It can't come fast enough - ha!

  2. Loved your description of being tossed about like a leaf in the wind. What fun!