Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slice of Life Day 29: Watching Whales Up Close

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The adventure of watching whales was happening on our last full day on the islands.  It was an amazing site. We had been waiting by the dock watching all the catamarans come into shore. Finally, it was our turn.  We all boarded the boat and took seats. We got close to the front on one side.

 The entire staff gathered on board and explained the rules and what we would be doing. One of the rules that stayed with me was that the boat was not allowed to get closer than 300 feet of a whale. That is unless while stopped, a whale came to the boat.
 We would see a few boats gathered in one spot, so we would head that way too. Then we would stop and wait. Sure enough a whale would breech close to us.
It was such a peaceful, wonderful site. These mothers, babies and guides would bounce up any where. The mothers had come to this area in December to have their babies. The area between Molokai, Lanai, and Maui was a safe area for them.
The passengers would hustle from one side of the catamaran to the other trying to get pictures of these creatures!  I gave the camera to Darrell to run from one side to the other. I had taken a pill that morning to help any seasickness, but I still was a little drowsy. He did a great job getting pictures.
Sometimes, a pictures would be taken after the whale had gone back under. They were so fast. The baby whales would pop up and then soon go back under. They couldn't hold their breath as long as their mothers could. They would by the time they left in April or end of March to head out to Alaska waters.

After over an hour of watching whales, we headed back to the shores of Lahaina. I know I could do the whale watching every single day I was there. However, our time was running short. One afternoon and a morning was all we had left in this amazing state.

Tomorrow I will reflect on the whole trip plus give an update on the lost camera. No, I still did not have it or know anything about it. The car rental place assured me they would still look for 30 days, but I hated to have to leave without those pictures!  Aloha!

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  1. I love whale watching; used to do it off Cape Cod with school groups. I get horribly seasick, though, so haven't done it in many years. How wonderful that you go to see babies! Your stay in Hawaii was truly remarkable.