Monday, March 30, 2015

Slice of Life Day 30: Reflection and Camera

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The end of our trip came way too fast. After taking a picture walk through our resort, we packed up and headed to the airport. The road there took us along the shoreline of Maui from Kaanapali past Lahaina. Since it was Sunday, many families were out on the beach having cookouts and camping. It was a beautiful view with the ocean on one side and mountains on the other. The really sad part was the fact that we were leaving so many memories inside my camera there in Hawaii.

The rest of that story is: We decided as soon as we were settled in at home, I would spend the day calling that exact rental place in Kauaii.  Darrell would do his part by calling the rental place home office and giving them the information on how unhappy we were with that particular car rental. We had a plan of action.

Fortunately, we didn't need to do that. When we got home (the next day) I received an email from the rental company. They had found my camera and would be sending it right out. What a wonderful message!  Sure enough, a week later, the camera came home. Now I had all my pictures!  Here are the places we stayed on each island, along with our favorite ice cream store on the islands!

Our "home" in Oahu
Our condo in Maui

Our bottom floor condo in Kauai

Each of our places to stay was great. I think our favorite condo/hotel was in Kauai. This is because it was most like a real home!

Lapperts in Kauai

Lapperts in Oahu

Lapperts on Front Street in Lahaina, Maui

Mahalo for taking this trip with  me over the month. Mahalo to the Two Writing Teachers for giving me the platform to share it. Tomorrow I will sum it all  up and let you know what's next for us with getting our Hawaii-fix!  Aloha!

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