Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Slice of Life Day 11: Shaved Ice or Ice Cream

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My Hawaiian travel journal has taken us first to the island of Oahu and now we have spent several days on Kaua'i.  On the first morning on Kaua'i we went across the road from our resort to a small shopping area. In that area was a cute restaurant called Poipu Tropical Burgers.  We did not have burgers for breakfast, but what we had was wonderful. The restaurant was not only visited by the tourists, but also the island folks, too. You could tell by the waitress talking to a few of the customers that they were frequent clients. We did come back another day for the burgers and they were really good, too!
One of my favorite things to eat is ice cream. I don't get hooked on it as much in the winter due to the cold weather. However, visiting Hawaii brought out the ice cream fanatic in me. We started in Oahu and found a Lapperts in our resort. We went there every day. I found the ideal store for me!
Lapperts in Oahu
When we went to Kaua'i, I was afraid there would not be a store for ice cream as good as the one we had found. There just weren't that many stores on this island. But, on the very first night when my husband went out to find Diet Coke and water for us, he came back with great news.  There WAS a Lapperts on this island, too.  Yes, we visited it every day while there.
Lapperts on Kaua'i

After three nights on this island, we island hopped to Maui for four nights. Again, I wasn't sure we would find ice cream.  There was a shave ice store across the road from our resort and we could make that do.  But on a trip to Lahaina, which was only about four miles from where we stayed, we found the Lapperts!  And they not only had ice cream, but shaved ice, too.  So this time we got shaved ice WITH ice cream!
Lepperts on Maui
Yes, I was a happy girl!  We had made a new friend in this store. I don't know if they have them here on the mainland, but if I see one now, I will stop in for my fix, for sure!

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  1. Ice cream every day is my definition of vacation and you're eating it on Hawaii. Nice!