Saturday, March 14, 2015

Slice of Life Day 14: Sunset on Kauai

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The island of Kauai is at the top of the group of islands when you see them on a map. This is the island we went to second on our trip to Hawaii.  We had a wonderful garden to explore at our condo. We took a trip up an amazing volcano/mountain. We absolutely loved this beach area. But, the event we enjoyed a lot was the Kauai sunset near Poipu Beach.
We found out that the residences of the plantation could come to the beach area in the evening, grab a beach chair and settle in on the large lawn area. On our second night there, we did just that.  Many people were already there when we came. We settled in with cameras and chairs. Then we waited.  It was like a farewell to the day ceremony. No one spoke. All watched the ocean.

It was amazing!  When the sun was below the water and the dark came, everyone stood, picked up their chairs and walked to their condos...quietly. The next night, our last on the island, we did it again.

The same thing happened that night. When the sun was gone and before everyone picked up their chairs, I wanted to stand and sing some sort of ode to the sea or to the day.  I wanted to bow my head and say, "Let us all pray."  It just needed to be sealed with some sort of finality. This is where the sun sets for the last time every day. Amen!


  1. There is something magical about Kauai. I went a few years back and I have been dreaming of returning one day soon. Your pictures are gorgeous. I like how you explained the nightly ritual there.

  2. Beautiful pics! I haven't been to Kauai, but visited Maui and The Big Island - Kona for the first time last Sept. AMAZING! I enjoyed your story about the local routine and thought it was so neat that a "community" comes together at sunset. What a closing to the day!