Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Slice of Life Day 18: Amazing Pools and Waterfalls

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This is our third island where we spent time as we traveled in Hawaii. Maui had so much to offer, we decided to stay four nights there. We stayed in a condo at Ashton Kaanapali Shores. The resort was beautiful with two pools, ocean front beach, and lots of waterfalls.
The large pool was right beside the resort restaurant: The Beach Club. It also was where many of the activities took place. On the first night of our stay, we wandered down to check out the sights of the resort. While heading to the beach, we noticed a show that was happening by the pool. It was full, so we just stood at the back and watched the dancers and singers. The tourists staying here were enjoying it from the restaurant and poolside.
On the morning before we left, we noticed that the pool was all set up for scuba lessons. It seemed that something was happening there all the time. Every afternoon and evening it was full of parents, kids and other sunbathers.
The smaller pool was also near the restaurant. This pool was usually inhabited by the quieter people. They would be sleeping, reading or dipping into the pool.  It seemed a lot more relaxed and restful.
The courtyard was full of beautiful waterfalls, bridges and even a gazebo where weddings could be performed. This is a picture of the waterfall that greeted you as you left the registration desk and headed to the courtyard. A beautiful place to grab a soft drink and sit quietly.

There was a small river that flowed through the grounds, going under bridges and ending in a lagoon. Just another wonderful place to walk and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather!

All these pictures were again taken by my big camera. Still no sign of the small one. (See Day 16)

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