Monday, March 2, 2015

Slice of Life Day 2: Tour of Honolulu

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 For the Slice of Life challenge this year, where we are challenged to blog every day in March, I am going to be sharing my recent vacation to Hawaii. This was our first trip there. We went to three islands and packed our days with tours, beaches, and food!
On our first full day in Oahu, we were scheduled to go to an orientation of the island. This included a buffet breakfast, a program of various attractions and activities, and entertainment. We boarded a tour bus early in the morning and went to downtown Honolulu at Hard Rock Café.  We sat at tables with a few other tourists and brochures of the island. Our buffet breakfast was very good and the other couples were friendly. We all compared notes about the cold weather we were missing back on the mainland.
Next came the entertainment. Two Hawaiian dancers were on stage along with a singer. They did some hula dances to beautiful music. Then another lady shared information about what was available on the island. After the program, we were able to talk one-on-one with someone who scheduled a couple tours that we were planning on taking.
Since we were in town, we decided to do some sight seeing on our own. We had the tour bus drop us off near Chinatown. We walked the streets taking pictures and observing people. We got to see a street market in that area. We stopped by a restaurant in Chinatown and had lunch. It was typical Chinese food, but different for us. The owners seemed very excited about Chinese New Year, which was in a few days. The parade would go right in front of their restaurant.
After lunch, we continued walking until we came to the Palace of the Queen. History says she was captured and held hostage in this palace for a long time. I need to do some research on that! We are big Hawaii Five-O fans. This is the building that they showed on the old shows of McGarrett standing on the steps. This is the building Hawaii Five-O used on the show as their headquarters. Now they show the government building across the street as the headquarters.

We then found a bus stop, checked with a few friendly people, and found a bus that would go right by our hotel. The day was beautiful. Our first excursion into unknown territory was successful. We were falling in love with Hawaii.

Mahalo for going on this adventure with me. See you tomorrow!  Aloha!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great start to your vacation! Love the Hawaii 5-0 connection... I enjoy that show too (the new version). Neat to think of seeing those buildings. Must have been wonderful to escape winter... we just had 4 inches of snow last night and are expecting more late tomorrow. I'm beyond ready for spring!