Thursday, March 19, 2015

Slice of Life Day 19: Snorkeling on Maui

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Snorkeling is something that many people enjoy. We were told Hawaii is the perfect place to try out this activity. We decided to snorkel on the island of Maui because we had more time there. So, after our orientation breakfast at the Beach Club at our resort on our first morning there, we headed for Snorkel Bob's.
We had seen this store on every island and our research told us that this was the best place to get equipment. They were right. We had a Snorkel Bob's very near to us, so we headed over. We told the guy behind the counter that we had never snorkeled but wanted to try it. Could he help us with that? Yes, he could! He not only rented the equipment but fitted it to us and showed us how to use it. Then he recommended a beach close by.  He even called the store near there to check on the conditions since it was a windy day. He gave us the okay and we took off to Kapalua Bay.
The area looked beautiful. Loads of people were already snorkeling. We watched them for awhile and then sat on the beach and put on our masks and fins. It was tough walking into the water with fins, but we did it. Then we simply laid on the water, kicked our fins, and put our faces into the water. I would swim and look down, seeing all sorts of amazing fish. Then I would look up to see where I was, so I didn't go out too far. Then put my face back in. This time there was coral everywhere with fish swimming in and out...and through my legs!
The bay was full of people snorkeling as well as just playing in the water. After we snorkeled, we walked the beach. It was just a beautiful place to be.
I would recommend Snorkel Bob's to anyone who wants to snorkel. You can rent the equipment for a day or a week. You can even take it to another island and turn it in to a Snorkel Bob's there. I'm not sure I would ever snorkel again. I think I need more practice. I might just get some equipment and try it in our pool this summer!  I would recommend everyone try snorkeling just for the experience. If you aren't an experienced swimmer, you can use a boogie board and float on that. Happy Snorkeling!


  1. Snorkeling in Maui? How lucky! Hawaii is on my list of places to go and I would definitely go snorkeling. I love getting up close and personal with the underwater rainbow of fish. It sounds as though you are making the best of retirement. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. I went snorkeling once, off Grand Cayman, many, many, many years ago. Loved the experience. Sounds like this one was fabulous!