Sunday, March 1, 2015

Slice of Life Month: Let's Visit Hawaii

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I can't believe March has snuck up on me.  I guess it might be due to all the snow and ice that just keep coming.  It does not seem like March or Spring!  For my month of writing, I want to revisit our recent trip to Hawaii.  Hopefully, you readers will have a connection due to the fact you have been there.  Or, the reason to stop and read might be because you are planning a trip there.  Or, your reason for reading my blog is because, you, too, are tired of this cold winter weather and you need to focus on something much more pleasant. Whichever it is, welcome!
Our first stop was the island of Oahu. We had never been to Hawaii, so we wanted to see as much as we could and do as much as we could. Our stop at Oahu was perfect for us to get oriented to this beautiful area. We had just left Indiana with the temperatures not getting above the single digits! So, the weather was a big change.
We stayed at Hilton Hawaiian Villages in the Tapa Tower. This resort is made up of several towers in which MANY tourists call home for a few days. In actuality, one would never have to leave this resort and would still get a nice relaxed vacation. The village has everything you need to make your stay wonderful...stores, restaurants and of course, the beach of Waikiki.
We were staying on that island for only three nights. That meant we would be very busy because we had planned a few tours while there. But, we did find time to sit on the beach. We watched para sailors glide across the ocean with the help of their "kite" sailing above them. They would guide the "kite" with controls in their hands.  They would go from one side of the beach to the other. The waves were perfect for them.  We also could just sit and watch the people as they came and went. The sky seemed bluer there. The water was the deepest blue I have ever seen.

For tomorrow's blog, I will talk about one of the tours we took, while we were on Oahu.
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  1. My brother's family moved to Oahu last year; perfect excuse to visit, if it weren't for my fear of flying. Looking forward to learning more about the island through your adventures!

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  7. I'm hoping that your words and pictures will warm me up, as I glance out the window at the six inches of snow that fell yesterday. Already I'm feeling jealous.