Monday, March 16, 2015

Slice of Life Day 16: Welcome to Maui

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Our time on Kauai was coming to an end. I had taken a picture walk around the gardens while Darrell made a last minute check of the condo and loaded the suitcases into the rental car. We made our farewells to the great little condo and got settled into the car. We were driving to the rental spot and taking a shuttle to the airport to island hop to Maui.
As we were settling into the car, Darrell asked me if I had the map and directions to the airport.  I didn't remember where they were. We started searching. I emptied my purse to the floor of the car. Not there. We pulled out my suitcase and I went through all the "paperwork" we had. Not there. We searched everywhere. As we got back into the car ready to just follow the signs, I noticed some papers tucked beside my seat. Sure enough, the directions and map. We were on our way!
We got to the rental place in plenty of time, but we still wanted to get on that shuttle and get to the airport. We gathered all our stuff, rushed to the check in and got the car cleared. We were headed for the airport. The flight was very nice. I read a magazine that was in the back of the seat. Soon we were on our third island: Maui. We again took a shuttle to the car rental. This one was wonderful. The clerk was very informative and gave us great directions. We were headed for Kaanapali Shores. When we checked in at noon we found out our room wasn't ready for us yet. They suggested we have lunch at the resort restaurant: The Beach Club. So we did!
The restaurant had a great view of the resort's large pool. It was a laid back feeling. We really liked it and went back there several times during our stay. When our meal was finished, we got a call that the room was ready. So we got the key at the main desk and headed for our new condo.
This resort was more like a hotel complex. The room was very nice. We had a kitchen, living room with a lanai, large bedroom, bathroom, and a washer/dryer right in the room!  We began to unpack. After a few minutes, I couldn't find my small camera.  It was a nice Cannon to take with me when I didn't want to take my big camera. We couldn't find it. We searched everywhere. Finally, I called our last condo. It was not there. Then I called the rental place, but had to fill out forms online. I did all that. They told me they would let me know if it was found. I remembered all the trouble we had had with that rental place when we checked in. I was trying to be hopeful. But, as of right now, no camera. I decided I was not going to let that ruin this awesome vacation. but it was hard.

More about the camera in later posts!  Tomorrow we begin our Maui adventures!


  1. That would be so sad to not have a camera in MAUI, of all places!! I sure you hope you found it - I'll check back for later posts about it! These Hawaii posts sure make me excited about spring break and a beach vacation!

  2. Good luck finding the camera! Oh please don't let this ruin your trip!