Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slice of Life Day 25: Biking Down Haleakala

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We had gotten up at 2:00 a.m.. We rode to the top of the highest point on Maui to see a sunrise. We took a look at the whole island from the top of this volcano. Now it was time to climb on a bike and head down the mountain. Well, I have to admit I couldn't do it. The vertigo and nausea had hit me on the way up that morning. It didn't get easier. So, I made the call to ride in the van and watch Darrell do the biking. The Maui Downhill guides were great about it. They didn't want me on the bike being scared to death! Our driver, Doug, took us to the next part of this tour. We went part way down the mountain to where the bikes awaited us. All the bikes were especially fit for each person. R.C. was the guide to ride in front of the group. Tony drove the van and watched from behind the group.
The tour was qualified to drive on the road. They took it slow and were very careful. It was beautiful to see the countryside this way. I had the chance to really talk to Tony and find out all kinds of information about the land. He was a really fun and nice guy!
The bikes made switchbacks. They went down the hills using their brakes. We stopped at a lavender farm for breakfast and then they got right back on the bikes and took off down the road.
After going for quite awhile, they stopped for a photo shoot. It was fun the way they posed us on the bikes for these shots. They took our cameras and took lots of pictures for us.

R.C. would show us how to sit on the bike. Then he grabbed a camera and took shots. R.C. and Tony were just the best guides ever. We were a family, for sure! When they dropped us off at our hotel later that morning, each of them gave us a hug. Now that's family!
I teased Tony and told him since I spent so much time with him in the van, I had to have a picture with him. He finally agreed when he realized I was serious. R.C. snapped our picture. What a fun group!
We had the best time and enjoyed ourselves so much! We wrote a letter to Maui Downhill before we left the island telling them how much we loved our time with them. I know there are other bike tours, but this is the original one and they have a class act!  Maui Downhill, you are the best!!!!


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  1. Too bad you couldn't do the ride, but you made the best of it. Pictures never show the steepness of hills, so I love the angle of the picture. What a day! I bet you were exhausted from the early rise.