Thursday, March 5, 2015

Slice of Life Day 5: Good-bye Oahu

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This year for my challenge by Slice of Life where I will be blogging everyday for the month of March, I decided to use this time to revisit my trip to Hawaii. This is the fifth day and we are ready to say good-bye to Oahu where we stayed for three nights.

One of the last things we did on this island is to stop by Lapperts which was in our resort of Hilton Hawaiian Towers. We had stopped there every day to have a double dip cup of this wonderful treat. We had a few minutes before we had to check out of the hotel and catch the shuttle to the airport. Where better to spend our time!
The afternoon before we left we took a long Saturday night walk on the beach walk of Waikiki and through that little town. We had lunch at the Yard House. It was very windy that day, but we still ate on the patio so we could watch people walk by us. This is a picture of what we saw from our table.
This is a picture of Waikiki Beach. We had on sandals as we walked part of it. At one point a lady came up to us with her shoes in her hand and said, "Why do you have shoes on?" We laughed and told her she was right!
After our beach walk, we took another stroll through the little village resort. This is a statue that was in front of one of the stores. Each day we would walk by him as we headed for shopping at the ABC Store or a place to eat lunch. I just knew I had to have a picture of him.
One other experience we had was with the Maui Divers Jewelry. We saw these stores all over the island as well as other jewelry stores. The pearls and coral were mined there in the islands so that was the reason for so many stores. On the first day we were on the island and after our orientation, the tour shuttle took us to the "factory" where the Maui Divers gave us a tour. We saw a short film, walked through their work room where people were making the jewelry. It was very interesting. At the end of the tour, we went through a showroom with our personal sales person! She said we could have a black pearl for only $12.00. Just the pearl, not the setting. We said no, but several others got the pearl.  We then noticed that they were also getting settings for it. The settings were VERY expensive. I think the travelers were surprised!
With a last good-bye (aloha) to this beautiful, active island, we climbed into the airport shuttle. The driver was very interesting as he gave us a narration of the area as we drove through the streets. We took our suitcases to the Island Hopper airlines. Kauaii here we come!


  1. I've never been to Hawaii, so I really enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Continuing to enjoy your stories of Hawaii! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Love reading about your trip! Kauaii tomorrow!